About Gentle Adventure

We started Gentle Adventure to share our vegan food ideas, ethical shopping tips, slow journeys and philosophy of gentleness and charm. We blog about plant based foods and seasonal meals, wild flowers, vegan grooming, bicycle trips, second hand shopping, capsule wardrobes, free and low-cost adventures and minimalism.

We are in the process of creating floral bags and fish friends from recycled materials, vegan cook books, jewelry made from sticks and bones, wild flower sprinkles, an illustrated novel about a merman and other things for you gentle folk. To be among the first to hear when these become available, subscribe to our newsletter.

We are on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

About us

We're Amir and Daniel, and we run Gentle adventure. We are Nordic lovers and companions aiming towards a more sustainable life. Amir collects beautiful branches and enjoys identifying new mushroom species. Daniel is a messy minimalist and his favourite food is breakfast.

We are both photographers, illustrators, and creators. Amir works as UI designer and has a BA in industrial design, Daniel is just finishing his BA in graphic design.

Our personal accounts on Instagram: Amir, Daniel.

We do web and print design, social media, photography and illustrations for ethical companies, organisations, projects and individuals, so if your have a project that needs our help, we would love to hear about it.

You can send us email to: hello@gentleadventure.com.