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Ethical fashion, minimal wardrobes, vegan cosmetics, 2nd hand clothing & jewelry.

We enjoy feeling handsome and elegant. We require ethically made, yet classic looking, clothes that we can afford, and vegan cosmetics that actually work. Some we have found, others we are still looking for.

For anyone who buys clothes, we recommend The True Cost (available on Netflix).

Zero waste & vegan dental care that is better for your teeth

I am nowhere near completely zero waste, but I aim to be less wasteful. Zero waste for dental care most usually means a wooden toothbrush, homemade toothpaste and compostable animal derived floss. I don’t think this is the best combination, not only because it’s not vegan but also because it can be a harmful choice for your teeth.

But I too use a wooden toothbrush. Mine at the moment is a Humblebrush, they are now also available in normal supermarkets in Helsinki! I remember when I was looking for a recycled plastic or compostable toothbrush and couldn’t find one anywhere. Multicoloured sporty looking plastic Pepsodents and Golgates were all there was. Now there are several more sustainable and stylish options.

Homemade toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride. Most store bought plastic free options have the same problem. While fluoride is toxic in too large quantities, a bit of it is good for your dental health and strongly recommended by my dentist. In some places where fluoride is added into drinking water there is more worry about getting too much of it, but in Helsinki water doesn’t contain any. So I have been using packaged Urtekram mint toothpaste which is vegan and great and also really inexpensive and available in my local supermarkets in Helsinki. But I did manage to get some fluoride containing toothpaste tablets from Original Unverpact in Germany. Wish someone sold them in Finland too.

The most common zero waste floss is made of silk and beeswax. And vegan options are mostly single use plastic. But I just found Pearlbar flosspicks that are biodegredable and vegan. They also look really good, being all black.  As they are made of biodegradable plastic they’re not the perfect option, but still the best I have found so far.

My dentist told me to chew xylitol after every meal. I found only one product that is packed without a plastic wrapper and doesn’t contain any insect ingredients, this. I was going to feature it here but now it seems that it has disappeared from the stores. Has anyone seen it in Helsinki, or know if any bulk sweets sections sell unpackaged xylitol sweets here?


I know some people use different alternatives and no fluoride and have great teeth, but as I have suffered from quite bad dental problems I wanted to try to find options that are in line with my dentist’s instructions, and also vegan and even as zero waste as possible. As these were hard criteria to fill, I wanted to share my findings with others who might be looking for the same things.


how to create your personal uniform, a super simple guide

Black chinos, black derbys, a black t-shirt, black socks and black boxers.

1. Choose your favourite outfit

To create a personal uniform you only need to come up with one outfit. Not one for each day of the week, or a new one every day, just one for all days. Simply choose your favourite outfit. If you come up with many outfits that are very different from each other but that you absolutely love, you can choose one, or do a capsule wardrobe instead of a uniform.


Black sneakers, a black hat and a black sweater.

2. Choose your necessary extras

After you have chosen your uniform you need to account for weather and special situations. If your uniform is a floral dress you will need something with it during the winter. But choose only the necessary extras. For weather, sports and fancy events.


Four black socks in a row.

3. Multiply

Copy your outfit to last you through one week. This means max 8 of the same item. There is no need for more than that, if you can do laundry every week. Many items can be worn for several days in a row, so of those you need even fewer copies. You can add variation here if you want, choosing your copies so that they are all different colours or have different details. For example your uniform could be a grey suit with colourful socks, the socks being a different colour every day.

And you’re done!

Close up of black vegan leather shoes.

Imaginary examples of uniforms with a little variation:

– White t-shirt, white underwear and light blue jeans with metallic shoes in varying metallic colours, and vintage spectacles.

– All black clothes with different coloured pastel hair every week.

– Grey athletic wear with pastel underwear and pastel sneakers.

– Black suit without a tie with loafers.

– Thick vintage sweaters with jeans that have become soft with wear.

– A loose black dress with pockets, with sandals to the beach, with leggings, brogues and a jumper to work, and with pumps and some jewelry to parties.

– Blue jeans with weird vintage t-shirts.



shaving essentials

a vintage safety razor and old moser clippers

I’ve been wearing petite handlebar-mustache recently and I’ve grown quite fond of them, but I feel like they (and me) look their best when the rest of my face is clean-shaven. So today’s post is about shaving tools. I’ve used super-cheap plastic razors in the past, but these days I have a single vintage safety razor and an electric hair clipper purchased second hand.

I use a safety razor that used to belong to my grandfather. Grandpa was a small gentle timberman who to baked cakes, and always warned us kids against drugs. He didn’t sport a beard, but had a greyish stubble like old sandpaper. His bathroom cabinet smelled of old soap, and he kept the safety razor there, near the hard porcelain-like bar of blue green soap that never seemed to wear out. After he passed away I asked if I could have the safety razor if anyone else didn’t need it, and my dad brought it over.


Safety razor handle

Safety razor closeup

I’ve used the razor for some years now, and I’m still infatuated by the simple but just about right amount of decoration in the handle, and the experience of shaving with a sharp fresh blade. The razor is both new and old: there’s a vintage feel to using it, but it’s also very current and ageless in a way classics are. I can’t imagine it breaking or going out of style.

I’m also really pleased that the amount of waste my shaving creates is small: the only disposable part is the blade when it dulls, and it’s recycled as metal. I’ve also read of people sharpening the blades, which elongates their life even more. Always drying the blade after use can also help it last longer.

Lathering (which is whipping the soap to get a nice foam) can be done with a sponge or a brush. Many recommend Mühle’s synthetic Silvertip Fibre v2.0 brushes, I’m currently using an old watercolor brush. I’m using my hand-soaps as lather soaps, currently Lush’s Devil’s nightcap. Vegan Marseille olive oil soaps have been effective too.


a safety razor taken apart

Using a vintage safety razor or even one purchased new is way more smart and sustainable than sticking to hard-to recycle razors with plastics, metals and gel strips. It’s also a lot cheaper in long term. And safety razors can be used for any facial and body hair, by anybody.

PS. My hair clipping tool is an old Moser. It’s a little bulky and not black, but it cuts incredibly well and since it’s a model still in production spare parts and combs are available.

~Amir of Gentle Adventure

Daniel’s uniform

Daniel wearing a black t-shirt

Many people are worried someone will notice if they wear the same clothes every day. Others assure them no one will notice and it doesn’t matter what you wear. But I want people to notice. Wearing similar clothes every day sends a message that I have found my style. That I know what I want to wear. That I know who I am.

I wear a personal uniform that I vary a bit depending on the situation. My uniform is very simple, I wear mostly just functional classic basic clothes, all in black. Chinos (or jeans), a loose t-shirt, vegan leather shoes, and a jumper when necessary. I wear this to school, office, photography gigs, library, bicycling and parties. At home I take the shoes off, to work out I wear sportier bottoms and sneakers. In the woods and during the winter I wear boots. Usually just changing the shoes makes the outfit work in almost any special situation. I would like to add a dress shirt to my uniform though, to make it a bit smarter and better suited for fancier events.


Black clothes

I don’t literally wear the same clothes every day. I change my underwear, t-shirt and socks every day, but I don’t own different styles, just simple black cotton everything. I do own different styles of trousers, jumpers and shoes. Some pieces are more sporty, some are quite smart and others more casual. But since I only wear one colour, they all match. I am not able to make an outfit that I wouldn’t like. Even if I blindly grab any random pieces of clothing in a hurry, I still look stylish and I still look like myself.

This has most definitely not always been the case. I used to be one if those people who spend hours getting dressed, changing their outfit several times before going out. I couldn’t decide what I wanted my style to be. I didn’t have a complete wardrobe for any style, but huge pile of everything, but always missing something. It has taken me a long time to get where I am now and although I did love coming up with new outfits, changing my ways has made my life easier and I feel a lot more confident about how I look. I know what I want to wear. I know who I am.